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"An Uncontrollable Fear" Feb 24
    Rev. Erin Dajka-Holley
"Be My Sanctuary"  Oct 7
    Rev. Erin Dajka-Holley

"We Are Love"      May 6
     Rev. Erin Dajka-Holley

Sundays 10:30-11:30 am
  Join us for a hospitality hour following each service


Mar 3 - Marty Pelham
We're Supposed
      to Be Lost
  We can't ever really know where we're heading. Everything is shifting–even magnetic north–and staying static is not the answer. What might we let go of in order to find hope and joy in our wandering?
Marty Pelham is Intern Minister at First UU Society of Syracuse.

Mar 10 - Rev. Erin
Moving Forward
Our church nurtures spiritual community, honors diversity, and advocates for social justice. We are picking up momentum and moving forward. Imagine with us where we are goingl Dream about what we could be. Contribute to taking steps into our future.

Mar 17-Kim Domenico
Understanding Community Arts Activism
   as Revolutionary

Kim and her husband Orin believe that activism in defense of the soul is necessary revolutionary activity. Their Cafe Domenico and arts nonprofit The Other Side reflect their commitment. Kim will explain why she understands their journey as soul-making and as anarchist. She is an ordained UU minister. 

Mar 24 - Rev. Erin
   What's Inside?"

"A church where people with many different beliefs come together,
in faith & pursuit of social justice. ~ All are welcome!"

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We nurture spiritual community, honor diversity, and advocate for social justice.

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