The House Task Force oversees all maintenance of the building and grounds. Currently, the House Task Force is headed by Paul Tenerowicz. The Sexton currently reports to the head of the task force. The Sexton is a paid employee responsible for lawn and grounds maintenance as well as cleaning the interior of the Church.

Examples of projects:

  • Recently coordinated volunteer Hamilton students working in the yard. Trimming back trees, clearing weeds, mulching the picnic table area and front entrance, and staining the picnic tables were some of their accomplishments.
  • Getting dead trees cut and trimmed professionally
  • Moss on the Church roof and shed roof professionally cleaned

Ongoing projects:

  • Converting the front entrance doors and one bathroom door to automatic for better accessibility
  • Researching and purchasing HEPA filtration units for the Church.

For jobs that are not covered by the Sexton the House Task Force is always hoping for Congregants to step up to help. If you would like to help in any capacity please email me at