John Camilleri and Jerry Reed

We first attended a Sunday worship service at UU Utica in February of 2017. We immediately felt that we had found a welcoming community that values diversity; a congregation with open-minded and open-hearted people where we can be just as we are. For us, our church community is a safe space rooted in respect and compassion, united in shared values and well-being for all. We found a nurturing, caring community of support where we have made deep connections and developed friendships. We pledge our financial support every year so that the community that we cherish will be there in the future for the benefit of others. We pledge annually to support the work and activities of the church in the year ahead, to enable the church to continue to engage in social justice, climate action and ongoing outreach opportunities. We renew our commitment to pledge our financial support to help to provide the necessary resources to assure that UU of Utica continues to maintain a strong foundation for the future.