Barbara Freeman

Hello, I’m Barb Freeman. You’ve probably seen me on Zoom. It was with surprise and delight that I found the UU church. Imagine, a group of thinking, accepting people, who did not offer their truth, but held out ways for me to explore alone and with others what truth might be. The UU church is also where I meet others who support issues I care about such as acceptance and seek equal rights regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, economic status or religious beliefs.  We also share an environmental awareness, that conscious choices by each of us, can make a difference in the very ability of this planet to support life.  The UU church is a known force for these and other social action issues in the Mohawk Valley Community.  Our influence fills a critical void.  I am a member, and I support this church financially because it preaches and promotes my core values.  Our congregation which may differ in view, greatly or not, defends and promotes that thoughtful dialogue that results in understanding, and creative problem solving.  We have broader areas of agreement than disagreement.  We are greater together than any one of us is alone. Please consider your pledge to the church for many of the same reasons.