On a Wing and a Prayer

The Geese have traveled far to come home to the North Country. We too have traveled together these last six months in an effort to bring this congregation closer to the heart and hearth of ministry. We have come far. We have far to go.

The Geese have many lessons to teach us…so come, listen, reflect and celebrate all that we have done and all that we will do. We will be giving thanks to our leaders and staff who have brought us safely this far through the “storms and strife” of this past year. Together, with our Targeted Ministry Program Minister Rev. Lori Staubitz, we will look to the future and the next destination on our journey. Join us this Sunday June 27 th at 10:30am for Zoom Worship as we reflect upon Shared Ministry and the ways we are each called to respond as members of this congregation. Come, we can’t do this without you!