The School is The Center of The Community

The Connected Community Schools Network helps children succeed in the classroom and hopefully become lifelong learners. 

Powerful inequities exist in public schools, contrary to our UU Principles. Learn how CCS helps kids-especially from underserved families–maximize their academic, social, and emotional potential.

Melissa Roys is the Co-Leader of the Connected Community Schools Initiative.  She is a native to this area and spent the first 25 plus years of her career focusing on Mental Health of Children.  She has now led the CCS Initiative for just over four years, finding the culmination of her passions in one project.  Melissa has led the initiative to focus on the basic needs of families and students.  The Connected Initiative has now grown from creating one Elementary Community School to now 56 Connected Community Schools in fourteen districts covering eight counties.  The impact has been tremendous because schools are finally being connected with the community