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The Chalice and the Flower

In a month our Unitarian Universalist Association will vote on whether to evolve once again our 7 (and for UUUtica, our 8) Principles. No matter the outcome of the vote, our faith will not lose the chalice, nor bury the principles. However, we may gain … read more.

Five Smooth Stones for Mother’s Day

Five Smooth Stones – a gift from one of our 20th century theologians, James  Luther Adams. Rev. Karen learned this perspective and theological notation from two of the most powerful UU mentors in her life, both women, both mothers. She will share why the Five Smooths Stones … read more.


Forgiveness is one of the most challenging religious and spiritual precepts. Together we ask, “What does it mean? Why is it important? Are there ways to practice forgiveness while holding people accountable for wrong-doing?’ 

HOPE in an Age of Climate Chaos

GRIEF, LOVE and HOPE are sisters. They are a precursor of ACTION.  We will examine our GRIEF which is an outcome of our LOVE and learn specific reasons for HOPE.
We will gather at this Earth Day service to honor our love and our grief for … read more.

Chris Thomas returns as our guest singer and speaker.

Chris is a singer and dancer of the Onondaga Nation, Beaver Clan. He will sing social dance songs and talk about why the Haudenosaunee do these songs and dances. Chris travels throughout the United States and Canada performing and teaching about the culture.

Living with the Question

In “Letters to a Young Poet” Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, “… have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language…”

 I sometimes wrestle with and sometimes rest with … read more.

The Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya

How can the sayings of a sage who lived over three thousand years ago bring understanding in 2024? And yet his words, his seeing, are echoed in more recent teachings of Eckart Tolle, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira and the lineage of Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and Mooji. … read more.