Speaker: Worship Committee

Longing For Belonging

Why do we come together as Unitarian Universalists? Community – a sense of belonging – is one important reason. The Worship and Membership committees explore the need to belong as we honor some of our UUUtica legacy members.


Homecoming (Water Service)

Our UU congregation begins the new church year with its Water Communion service. 

We bring water from our travels, meaningful experiences, or places special to us, symbolic of our shared faith coming from many different sources, our connectedness to one another, and our place on this planet. … read more.

A Vision of Beloved Community

Weather permitting, and also streamed on Zoom, we will meet on the church lawn to discuss ways to think about and create Beloved Community. If possible, please bring your own lawn chair and snack/beverage. Masks will not be required. Other reopening details at Re-Opening … read more.

How Can I Keep From Singing?

I once heard a joke that Unitarian Universalists are essentially Quakers – except that we fill all of our silence with music! In this service, we will explore how our congregation has been enhanced by music over the years and share stories of our favorite … read more.

New Year’s Service

In hindsight, 2020 was a tough year. There is much to bring us hope in 2021, however, including changes in leadership that will put a focus on climate and social justice issues, economic equity, and a COVID19 vaccine. Join us in this service by sharing … read more.

Coming Out of the Shadows

The Winter Solstice is once again upon us, when we turn the corner from darkness to growing light. For many people, for many reasons, this past year has been dark, covered in shadows. We come together in this service, looking to the Earth centered traditions … read more.

Stone Soup

When it feels as though we’re living in a time of scarcity, how can we
act from a place of abundance? This service will relate a familiar story,
introducing two strangers who coax an entire village into realizing
the power of sharing and giving.

New Beginnings

On the first Sunday of the new year, we will reflect on the transition from old to new. The Worship Committee will lead us in a Fire Communion ceremony, in which we will write, on scraps of paper, phrases that represent the year behind us.