UU Utica Earns Honor Certificate

Every year, each congregation in the Unitarian Universalist Association is asked to give a financial contribution to support the wider movement and sibling congregations across our Association. This contribution supports the Annual Program Fund, which is the single largest source of income for the
work of the UUA. It also strengthens the covenant among us.
Our congregation gave the full amount requested to the Annual Program Fund during this past fiscal year. This means we are an Honor Congregation, honoring the covenant among and between our congregations.
Our giving is a concrete expression of our congregations’ covenant with one another, and is a recognition that we are not alone, but are part of an Association of Congregations. This support allows the UUA to serve the diverse needs of the 1,006 member congregations across five regions. Congregational giving through the Annual Program Fund (APF) makes the work of the UUA possible.