Gathering for Bee and Butterfly Garden

On Sunday, 9/25/2022, despite a little rain, many of us had a great time putting native pollinator plants in the ground of our new Bee and Butterfly Garden.  Alyssa Wisehart from Spring Farm Cares brought a variety of seedlings and told us about the wide varieties of bees, birds, and butterflies supported by these plants.  Alyssa brought more than enough seedlings so many of us took some home to plant and create a network of plants supporting pollinators throughout our communities. 

Thanks again to all of you who participated in activities and services last weekend and who support our congregation in so many other ways.  It’s an exciting time for UU Utica and there are many opportunities to share your talents and skills to help build this liberal religious community.  If you would like to discuss how you may want to get more involved and help our congregation strengthen and grow, please feel reach to reach out to Rev. Karen or Carol Gable as we’ll have lots of ideas!