Policy Name:   Building Use

Approval by/date:  Board of Trustees July 2015

Purpose:  As a service to the community, The Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica offers their meeting spaces for community organization and private, personal use consistent with its mission: Nurture spiritual community, welcome diversity, and act for justice.

  1. The organizations which may use the room would primarily be those of an educational, philanthropic, cultural, recreational or civic nature and have a mission that aligns with the mission of the Church
  2. Access is afforded on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting its use.



  1. The Church: The Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica
  2.  Non – Profit: An incorporated, established organization, with a 501(c)3 status, which exists for educational or charitable reasons, and from which its shareholders or trustees do not benefit financially. Also called Not-for-Profit-Organizations. Proof of non-profit status is required.
  3. Use: A single 2 (or less) hour period
    1. Where fees would be applied, charges are calculated by 2 hour use segments.
    2. Applies to a single room; rooms are listed

Sanctuary: Large open space that includes both the hardwood and carpeted areas

Kitchen: Small room including counters, cupboards, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher

  1.  Use of the kitchen includes the following
    1. Using church owned kitchen supplies including but not limited to dishes, flatware, pans, and serving platters
    2. Using the stove or counters to prepare food
    3. Using the dishwasher

Parlor: Room on the far side of the kitchen

Classroom: One or both sides of the divided Religious Education classroom to the right off the main hallway beyond the nursery

Nursery: Small room immediately to the right of the front door

  1.  Member: an active member of the Church as defined by the by-laws, including honorary members


  1. The Church has priority use of all of its facilities and meeting rooms, and reserves the right to preempt any scheduled meetings with 48 hours notice.
    1. in order of availability
  2.  No special privileges are extended to organizations to which staff members belong
  3. The following priority Classification of Usage descriptions will be followed and within these classifications, reservations are filled on a first-come, first served basis
    1. Class A Use
      1. Non-profit groups and government agencies where no admission fees, vendor fees, membership fees and/or donations are requested or received
      2. Events are open to the public
      3. Fees for Class A Use: Free
    2. Class B Use
      1. Non-profit or not-for-profit groups whose events or meetings may involve admission fees, vendor fees, membership fees and/or donations
      2. Events may or may not be open to the public
      3. Fees for Class B Use: $20.00 per use
    3. Class C Use
      1. Businesses, private individuals, or groups which may involve admission fees, vendor fees, membership fees and/or donations
        1. These organizations should have a Mission that is aligned with our own and must be approved by the Minister and/or House Chairperson
      2. Events may or may not be open to the public
      3. Examples of Class C use include seminars, receptions, workshops, training courses, business meetings etc
      4. Fees for Class C Use: $20.00 per use
    4. Class D Use
      1. Rental of space for personal events including rites of passage, parties, or other approved event
      2. Events are not open to the public
      3. Fees for Class D Use
        1.  For Active Church Members or for Funeral/Memorial Services for Deceased Church Members (Active/Inactive/Honorary)
          1. Membership designations are defined in the church by-laws
          2. There will be no fees for any use for these events
        2.  For Non-Church Members, Including but not limited to friends and other attendees
          1. Sanctuary: $100 per use
          2. Kitchen: $50 per use
          3. Parlor: $50 per use
          4. Sunday School Room: $50 per use
          5. Nursery: $25 per use


  1.  All publicity must list the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting
  2. The Church may not be named as a sponsor or co-sponsor of any event without its written permission
  3.  Meeting at the Church does not constitute an endorsement of the group or its programs by the Church
  4.  Neither the name nor address of the Church may be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization or group


  1.  Bookings are made with the church secretary and approved by the Minister. In the Minister’s absence, the House Committee Chair or Board President may approve applications
    1. Requests related to fee structure, alcohol use, or other concerns will be directed to and decided by the following, in order of availability
      1. The Minister
      2. The House Committee Chair
      3. The Board President
    2. Fee change/waiver requests
      1. Class B: may be decided by the appropriate person as above
      2. Class C or D: must be submitted in writing a month in advance and be approved by Board of Trustees
  2.  A Building Use Application must be filled out and turned into the secretary either in hard copy or by email
    1. If it is made by email, a representative will be needed to sign the documents before use will be granted
    2. A single application may be used to sign up for events occurring from September through the next August. A new application must be submitted and will be reconsidered for each September.
  3. Payment is made on or before the use date or use will be denied;
  4. Proof of Liability Insurance must be submitted with application. Applicants not covered by insurance must sign the provided indemnification form.
  5. The Church reserves the right to cancel any reservation with cause
  6. The Church reserves the right to close the building in extremely bad weather or unforeseen emergencies
  7.  Payment must accompany reservation and no refunds will be given unless cancelled by the Church


  1. Entrance to the church: requires a key or other authorization is required
    1. If a member or attendee of the event is a church member with their own key or other authorization, they can use this to open and lock the door for the event
    2. If there is no one with a key or other authorization, a church member will coordinate to open and lock the door
  2.  Church equipment (including, but not limited to: chairs, tables, kitchen appliances, dishes, piano, video, and sound system): is expected be taken care of, and that nothing will be used without permission
    1. For use of the audio/video equipment, someone will need to obtain the appropriate training from a church member
    2. All equipment will be returned to the location where it was found in the condition it was found in after the event
    3. All issues, broken items, missing pieces, or other concerns will be reported immediately to a church representative
  3.   Damage to or Theft of Church property or Church equipment will be billed to the group using the room;
  4. Smoking: not allowed in the Church or on Church grounds;
  5.  Alcoholic beverages: not allowed except by permission
    1. A specific request may be made to have alcoholic beverages which will be authorized by the Minister, House Committee Chairperson, or Board President in order of availability
    2. The group using the church is responsible to track age-appropriate consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  6. Children: must be supervised by attending adults at all times;


  1. Setup and takedown of tables and/or chairs is the responsibility of the group using the room;
  2. Room must be left in original condition; If additional cleaning is required, a janitorial fee of $30/per hour will be charged
  3. AV equipment setup is the responsibility of the group using the room;
  4.   Animals: No pets, other than helper/support animals are allowed, unless the animal is specific to a Church sponsored program
  5.  Entrance to and exit from the building are via the main door at all times
  6. Personal Property: the Church is not responsible for articles left on the premises
  7. Parking: Parking is limited
    1. Weekdays (before 5pm): there is extremely limited parking and spaces cannot be guaranteed even in the church parking lot
    2. Weekdays (after 5pm) and Weekends: park in the church parking lot or the lot behind 2717 Genesee St., the GPO Credit Union parking lot can also be used if the bank is closed
  8.  Storage: the Church does not provide storage space for any organization or group
  9. Capacity
    1. Sanctuary: 125 seated/standing, 60 sitting at tables
    2. Parlor: 20
    3. Classroom: 20
    4. Nursery: 10
  10. Garbage: if the garbage bag is filled during the event, it must be removed by the group using the room upon vacating the building;
    1. All garbage produced during a Church use should be removed by the group using the space
    2. Any group using the Church should bring their own garbage bags for this purpose
  11. Lights: must be turned off when leaving;
  12.  Noise: please modulate noise in consideration of other users of the Church.
  13.  Illegal activities, including but not limited to use of drugs or other substances, stealing, or use of weapons, are prohibited from Church grounds
    1. Any group found to be engaging in illegal activities will asked to leave and not be permitted to return 

VIOLATION: transgression of this policy will result in denial of any future use of the Church.

I have read and agree to the terms outlined above – Proceed to Building Use Request Form