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Safe Congregation
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Archive of Recordings:     Reverend Eve Stevens


LISTEN: January 24  "Protecting Our Innocence"

LISTEN: February 7  "The Transient and Permanent in Christianity"

LISTEN: March 20      "Women's Wisdom Today"

LISTEN: April 10        "Why Would an Athiest Go to Church?"

LISTEN: August 14     "What Does it Mean to Worship?

LISTEN: August 21   "Would You Choose Immortality, or the Memory of Touch?

LISTEN:  September 18    "Covenant, Not Creed'

LISTEN:  October 23        " Healing Our Humanity"



LISTEN: Dec 20 "Longing for Wholeness"

LISTEN: Dec 6 "Having Faith in Our Children"

LISTEN: Oct 4 "Our Family Systems"

LISTEN: Sept 20 "A Time To Make Repairs and Amends" Part 1

LISTEN: Sept 20 "A Time To Make Repairs and Amends" Part 2

LISTEN: May 10 "Love Makes A Family"

LISTEN: May 3 "Unitarian Universalism in Times of War"

LISTEN: Apr 12 "For the Beauty of The Earth"

LISTEN: Mar 15 "Exploring Forgiveness (Selma part 2)"

LISTEN: Mar 8 "Selma: Why We Marched"

LISTEN: Feb 22 "The Generous Spirit"

LISTEN: Feb 8 "Taking Risks, Keeping Faith"

LISTEN: Jan 25 "Pilgrimage: Our Inward and Outward Journeys"

LISTEN: Jan 18 "Reflection on the Wisdom of James Baldwin"


LISTEN: Nov 2 "All Souls Service"