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"The Rosy Past"
    Rev. Erin Dajka-Holley
"Be My Sanctuary"  Oct 7
    Rev. Erin Dajka-Holley

"We Are Love"      May 6
     Rev. Erin Dajka-Holley

Sundays 10:30-11:30 am
  Join us for a hospitality hour following each service.

Dec 2With Caution
    -Rev. Erin
How does one address a mystery?  If we are to pursue the unknown, we must take caution and tread lightly.  The unknown is a danger in of itself.

Dec 9:  Sustainability:
          It's About People
    - Denise Szarekl
Denise, from Three Goat Farm in Westmorland, will speak about sustainable agriculture–meeting the needs of people while exercising environmental and social responsibility.

Dec 16:With Reverence
     -Rev. Erin
How does one address a mystery?  Bring a sense of awe, that feeling that something is both wondrous and terrible at the same time.

Dec 23:Yuletide Celebration
We celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice. This pagan holiday welcomes the rebirth of the light. Circle round for stories, songs, and rituals of midwinter.

Dec 24, 6:30 PM:
   Christmas Eve
        Candlelight Service

            -Rev. Erin
Join us to meet the mystery of the season with hope and light. Come to sing carols and be in a company of good cheer! Whether this will be your first time through our doors, or the thousandth, you are welcome. Whatever faiths you have known, you are welcome. Happy Holidays from UUUtica!

Dec 30: Without Words
      -Rev. Erin

How does one address a mystery?  There are no words that can describe an experience of the Holy.  Who knows what expressions will come forth in this multi-generational service?

"A church where people with many different beliefs come together,
in faith & pursuit of social justice. ~ All are welcome!"

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