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Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) www.uua.org


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Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA): www.uua.org
St. Lawrence District of the UUA: www.sld.uua.org

Becoming a member means you align yourself with the Unitarian Universalist principles, you respect religious freedom & tolerance, & you are willing to find your own way to religious truth for yourself in a supportive community. If you have been visiting us for a while, and want to become more involved with this congregation, you may sign the Membership Book.

The difference between a member and a friend is members have signed the Membership Book, have made a financial pledge, & are committed to active participation in the church. You may already be active with us, but if you haven’t signed the Membership Book, we consider you a “friend.”
All people in the congregation are valued and important, regardless of membership or pledge status. We thank you kindly for your interest & participation!

Benefits of joining the church as a member:
You are able to vote at congregational meetings,
You receive the award-winning magazine, UU World, published quarterly;
You share an institutional commitment with a group of people who care about equality, justice & religious freedom; and
Members are not expected to pay for rites of passage performed by Minister.

Financial Commitment:
We are a self-supporting organization as we do not receive any funds from outside sources. Pledges to support the annual operating budget of the church are solicited once a year & as new members join. Pledges are necessary so the Finance Committee & Trustees are able to develop an operating budget for the following fiscal year (July 1-June 30). At the Annual Meeting, held on a Sunday in June, members & friends review the budget, & members vote on whether or not to pass that budget. All friends & members are encouraged to attend congregational meetings.
We encourage each household to pledge an annual contribution amount demonstrating their commitment to the church & Unitarian Universalism as a whole.

For more info you can contact the Minister

... We graciously thank you for your consideration & participation ...