Finance Committee

Sets budget, helps manage income, expenses, bequeathments, & investments. 

Stewardship Committee

Develops, organizes & implements the annual stewardship pledge fund drive.
Pledges/Giving Webpage

House Committee
Organizes maintenance and upkeep of building & grounds.
Building Usage Application and fee structure

Safe Congregation Policy & Forms (6 page pdf)

Melissa Shupp
June 2018
Gina Mancini
June 2020
Vice President
Elise Hereth
June 2019
Mary McGuirl
June 2019
Tammy Tenerowicz
June 2018
Dan Burgess
June 2018
Open Board Seat
June 2020
Denise Morgan
Not on Board
Nominating Committee:
Term ends:
Suggests new candidates to serve on Board when terms are ending.
Melissa Barlett
June 2020
Nominating Committee
Paul Tenerowicz
June 2018
Nominating Committee
Dan Buckingham
June 2019
Nominating Committee

We, the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica, covenant to:

  • Serve the Mission of our church Provide fiduciary leadership for the Congregation by holding a vision of the congregation’s well-being, above our own personal interests

  • Focus on long range planning, policy, and the big picture

  • Create an atmosphere of compassionate candor by presuming good faith, sharing honestly and directly, actively listening, seeking all points of view, and staying in relationship with one another, even in conflict.

  • Stand by our group decisions and speak with one voice.

  • Respect our time together by honoring our commitments, being prepared for meetings, and handling non-meeting business outside of Board meetings.

  • Continually learn as a Board and deepen our understanding of Unitarian Universalism.

  • Express appreciation and gratitude for the contributions given by one another to our community and to always try to be guided by the spirit of love.  

Enjoy fellowship and service... JOIN A COMMITTEE...
We are seeking members who are willing to share some of their talents and experience by serving on a committee.

... See Events webpage for information on meeting dates ...
Committee on Ministry
Fosters transparent communications between the congregation and the Minister in order to provide constructive feedback. Encourages congregation to communicate directly with the Minister.   
Denominational Affairs Committee
Keeps congregation informed on issues with the UU denomination, and encourages attendance of annual UU General Assembly and UU District meetings.
Green Sanctuary Committee
(part of Social Action Committee, see below)
Assists congregation in becoming more aware and responsive to living our Seventh Principle in terms of environmental concerns.
Our Social Action/Green Sanctuary webpage
Membership Committee
Welcomes visitors, helps new members integrate into the congregation, and sees to the needs of current members. Our Pledges/Giving/Membership webpage
Communications Committee
Manages website, submits press releases, and promotes events. 

Religious Education (RE) Committee

Assists in setting/developing curriculums, hiring teachers and organizing volunteers for special events. Our Children's Religious Education webpage
Social Action Committee
(part of Green Committee, see above)
Develops and implements forums, activities and outreach centered around social justice issues relevant to our community and the world at large. 
Our Social Action/Green Sanctuary webpage
Worship Committee
Collaborates with the minister to present worship services which enrich and nurture both the spiritual needs and the emotional and intellectual desires of our diverse congregation. We do this by creating services which extend a welcome to visitors and inspire our members with a living and vibrant expression of our UU principles.
Caring Crew
Keeps in touch with congregation members during times of need through Pastoral visits, assisting with errands/transport, arranging for meals and other assistance.  
Performs during Service and special occasions with rehearsals scheduled as needed.